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Manage your business waste and recycling services from the palm of your hand. With our platform, you can view invoices and billing history, explore cost and waste savings, and gain complete visibility into your waste streams across multiple locations.

Request pickups and view real-time status updates, or report missed pickups to our customer support team.

Make payments, process invoices, view historical data, and access recycling rebates with total transparency.

Connect directly with our customer support team to change service arrangements.

Save time and money

Schedule pickups and make service changes easily

Help your business achieve its sustainability goals

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Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions, Inc. develops and delivers comprehensive, customized recycling and waste management solutions that divert waste from landfills and return value to businesses, municipalities and other organizations across the United States. Whether you’re a small office or a multi-location Fortune 500 company, Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions is uniquely qualified to address your recycling and waste management needs. We will customize an efficient, green and/or zero waste solution that minimizes your operational costs, reduces your environmental footprint, and increases your bottom line.


Our suite of solutions enables you to continuously and accurately monitor a multitude of performance and safety metrics and apply the resulting insights to optimize your operations.

Monthly Reports – Each month you receive a report that details your recyclable tonnage, value, and environmental impact. You will also receive regular updates on the recycling commodities markets, changes in legislation, and current commodity values from independent industry publications.

Continuous Monitoring – At the same time, we continue to monitor industry developments and advise you of technological advances and new markets that might reduce your environmental impact, minimize your costs, and maximize your profits. We aim to forge lasting relationships with our customer, not only through excellent service, but also through ongoing education and operational transparency. As your trusted partner, we want you to know what we’re doing and why.

We do everything for you. Please contact us today to learn more about the Integrity Advantage!

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Front Load Dumpsters

A front load dumpster is pretty aptly named—trucks pick up the container and unload the waste from the front end. One truck can pick up from multiple sites, making frequent pickups more affordable. These bins have an opening so you can toss trash bags through a side door or the top, and are typically serviced on a weekly to daily basis. Front load dumpsters are a great option for long-term commercial use.

Add-on options are available depending on your business needs. For example, you can add a lock bar to prevent others from using your dumpster illegally. Caster wheels are a good option for businesses in cities with tight alleyways, as they make the container moveable.





Size options:

Roll-Off/Open Top Dumpsters

Roll-offs, or open top containers, are designed for industrial businesses or large temporary projects like landscaping work or construction. Unlike with front load containers, trucks can only haul one roll-off at a time. This solution is ideal for high-volume businesses and those with temporary waste removal needs.

If your business is undergoing construction or churning out large amounts of waste and recyclable materials, explore the various roll-off sizes available.


Size options:

10-yard (3.5×7.5×14 ft)

20-yard (4.5×7.5×22 ft)

30-yard (6×7.5×22 ft)

40-yard (8×7.5×22 ft)


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Waste & Recycle Equipment Services

We provide compaction equipment to help you maximize cost savings and increase hauling efficiency for dry, wet, bulky or mixed waste streams.

A Compactor for Every Industry

With a wide range of equipment and purchase or rental options, we can design a solution that works for you. We have compactors for dry and wet waste streams, recyclables, space-restricted areas and specialty disposal circumstances.

Our inventory of new and reconditioned equipment combined with industry expertise and excellent customer service will help you optimize disposal for your business.

Rentals & Purchases

Every location is unique so we coordinate a visit from a skilled technician to understand the installation requirements. After information is collected and reviewed, we’ll recommend a machine that meets safety requirements, increases diversion rates and improves your operations.

Our comprehensive purchase program includes freight, delivery, and installation and setup.



In many cases, unmanaged compaction equipment without a maintenance plan can have shorter lifespan. Our technicians can perform preventive maintenance, review your site’s condition and provide a detailed report with recommendations for next steps.

If you buy through Integrity Recycling and Waste Management or own existing equipment, maintenance is available as needed or as part of a custom program.

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