Waste Audits

Every business should listen to what their trash is telling them at least once a year by conducting an audit of their waste streams.

Waste audits can reveal costly, wasteful problems or unlock opportunities like new revenue streams. They are essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your programs, measuring success, and improving operations.

What Is A Waste Audit?

It is a survey of a facility’s regular waste stream. Our waste auditors go through bags of waste, sort items, record and analyze the data. In doing this, we identify what is being thrown away, what is being recycled or diverted through other means, and the amounts of each type by weight or volume.

A waste audit not only verifies what you are throwing away, but the value you are losing. Without doing an audit, you are operating in the dark based on guesswork.

There are varying levels of waste audits, from basic to comprehensive. Choose the one that’s right for you.

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Steps in a Waste Audit

1) Determine the effectiveness of your operations

We can uncover breakdowns, expose wasteful problems or confirm successes. This enables you to make necessary adjustments to improve and maximize your operational efficiency.

2) Save money

By reducing what is going into your trash, you may also be able to reduce your waste hauling fees, which are increasing all the time. Your recyclables might even have value on the market.

3) Measure success

We can help set a baseline and create benchmarks year after year so you can set targets and gauge the progress and effectiveness of your waste and recycling programs.

4) Verify/get more accurate data

Incorrect data can lead to unnecessary fees. Accurate data is also key to conducting a waste removal RFP when it is time to renegotiate contracts.

5) Meet certification standards

Waste audits are part of the requirements for various certification standards like LEED. For example, a review of 100% of the ongoing waste stream is necessary to comply with the requirements of LEED for Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance v2009 or higher.

6) Fulfill requirements for certain regulatory compliance and reporting purposes

You may need data from audits to complete reporting to put you in regulatory compliance, or you may require the information for your CSR or GRI reporting needs.

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