About Us

We’re People Who Care

Over the years, we’ve stayed true to our core values:  Integrity   Honesty    Service


Our company culture focuses on shared leadership and collective strengths. Despite changing technology and economies, we continue to return value to the customer, year after year. We work together much like a family and empower our employees to serve the customer to the best of their abilities. And, unlike many other large waste service management corporations, we believe it’s important to educate clients when it comes to recycling options and value.


Why Us?

Recycling is big business and we’ve got the chops to handle it.  Our employees share this business philosophy:“If you can’t service the customer, someone else will.”– Anthony Giordano, Sr., President
Integrity Recycling and Waste Solutions

Here’s why:

  • We’ve got an impressive track record of designing innovative, award-winning solutions for customers in several industries.
  • Our customer list includes retail/grocery chains, distribution centers, commercial printers, government, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing, as well as small and mid-sized businesses and colleges.
  • What started as one man’s dream of operating a local recycling company has grown into a global operation, but that hasn’t changed our dedication to serve and give back to our customers.
  • We have generations of established industry relationships, so you benefit.






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Integrity Recycling & Waste Solutions

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