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China No Longer Wants Your Trash. Here's Why That's Potentially Disastrous.

January 24, 2018 by Dominique Mosbergen

The country has been the “world’s wastebasket” for decades. But starting Jan. 1, China has said “no more.”
On Jan. 1, China made good on its promise to close its borders to several types of imported waste. By the next day, panic had already taken hold in countries across Europe and North America as trash began piling up by the ton, with no one having a clue where to now dispose of it all.

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Interactive map: Which towns do the best job recycling your trash

December 15, 2017

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Recycling Partnership's advice on National Sword: Keep calm and clean up your act


October 20, 2017 by Cole Rosengren
The Recycling Partnership's webinar about the growing effect of China's National Sword scrap import policies put a strong emphasis on the need for companies and municipalities to stay the course with their recycling efforts. The nonprofit urged against dropping any material from recycling programs or "freaking out" residents. Instead, ongoing communication with industry partners and the public was said to be key.

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Surprise OCC price drop seen as latest sign China is serious about new trade policy

October 3, 2017 by Cole Rosengren
Old corrugated cardboard (OCC), seen as one of the last reliably profitable commodities by service providers in many markets, may have become the latest casualty of China's new scrap policies..

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BIR: Signs of China intensifying its scrap import controls

July 04, 20 17 by Martijn Reintjes


The Chinese ministry of environmental protection has set up 60 inspection teams that will work throughout July to inspect and review all Chinese companies importing waste and scrap into the country, according to an email alert sent by the BIR world recycling organisation to its members.

According to our sources in China, there has been a temporary stop on certain scrap import approvals since 1st June 2017,' says BIR. 'This does not affect shipments authorised before 1st June but affects scrap on the restricted import catalogue, such as: waste, parings and scrap of plastics; other waste paper or paperboard, including unsorted waste and scrap; mixed waste metals; waste electric motors; waste wires.

BIR is 'closely monitoring' the situation and will keep its members informed of any further developments, it says. 'No formal import ban has been announced yet,' it is stressed. However, BIR has asked its members to report 'any import disruptions in China.

Source: Recycling National

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